2nd IAB – International Advisory Board    #DREAMS_IAB2

Delft University of Technology – Faculty of Aerospace Engineering

Over 25 experts from all fields of aviation, representing Aviation Authorities, International Agencies, Universities and Research Centres, Drone Operators and Trade Associations as well as the members of the DREAMS Project Consortium met on the Aerospace Engineering Faculty of Delft Technical University in Delft (Holland) on October 9, 2018 to participate on the second meeting of the DREAMS International Advisory Board (IAB).

DREAMS is one of the Exploratory Research Projects funded by SESAR JU

DREAMS, funded by SESAR Joint Undertaking, is one of the Exploratory Research Projects funded by SESAR JU that are researching the definition and implementation of the set of services that will be developed under the U-space concept, to support the expected increase of safe commercial drone operations in the European Union.     The DREAMS project will have a duration of two years. Since it started exactly one year ago, in October 2017, this second meeting of the IAB has provided the opportunity to gather valuable feedback on the results obtained in the first period of the project and, in particular, on the following key tasks:



Over 25 international aviation experts


  • The identification and description of the reference U-space use case scenarios
  • The regulatory and safety assessment of the scenarios
  • Manned/unmanned aviation data catalogue and consequent gap analysis




Two brainstorming sessions were dedicated to the following case study scenarios: 1) Cooperative Geotagging, highlighting the need of handling relevant information (e.g. new obstacle) in planning phase, and 2) Capacity Management, with a focus on Geovectoring solution to increase capacity in airspace. The audience and the team were involved in a lively discussion of the assumptions used and the results obtained.

Finally, the methodology that will be used on the second half of the project, for the validation of the results obtained so far, was presented and discussed by the members of the IAB, providing an overview of the Simulation platforms that will be upgraded and used in the upcoming months.


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