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Twenty people from six States and Eurocontrol, representing international Agencies, Universities, operators of manned and unmanned aircraft, as well as the companies participating to the DREAMS project, funded by SESAR Joint Undertaking, met in Rome at Casa dell’Aviatore, on 26th February 2018 to participate to the first meeting of the International Advisory Board (IAB) whose purpose is to provide advice to DREAMS by independent experts.


DREAMS is one of the projects developing the set of services supporting safe operations of drones at altitudes of less than 150 m above the ground and including over urban areas, in the context of the so called “U-Space”.

The first IAB discussed in particular

  • E-Registration (i.e. creation of a data base of drone operators accessible also by the Police),
  • E-Identification (i.e. how to recognise a drone which is flying),
  • Geofencing (i.e. information on areas prohibited to drones)
  • and management of airspace, to prevent that to many drones would be present at the same time in the same volume.

DREAMS is also defining the safety and performance requirements for several U-Space services, as well as the requirements for the related service providers and the role of independent “Qualified Entities” to assess safety.

Prof. Liu Hao, Director of the Institute of Aviation Law and Standard at Beihang University in China declared: “I am highly honoured to be member of this Board and I look forward to harmonised requirements for civil drones between the European Union and China”.

Prof. Filippo Tomasello, CEO of EuroUSC Italia added: “We are very proud for being among the first companies in the world applying the safety methodology SORA, specifically developed for civil drones”.

Ing. Carla Menciotti, Project Manager on behalf of Ingegneria dei Sistemi (IDS) concluded: “DREAMS, like other similar projects, is exploring uncharted territories for aviation; we thank the experts of the IAB for their respective very professional contributions”.