The new unmanned aviation will require a comparable level of information to support the new operational scenarios. The variety and complexity of these scenarios, the number of operations expected (millions instead of a few thousand) and the fast evolution of drone technology requires a different approach, using concepts derived from the ICT and mobile telephony sectors but maintaining the same level of integrity and reliability of the information required by aviation.

The DREAMS project will analyse the present and future needs of aeronautical information. It supports the growth of unmanned aviation, ensuring safe and cost–effective operations.

The Reference Scenario identification task consists on identifying some relevant scenarios of particular interest for UAS operators in both VLOS and BVLOS conditions.  According to a proposed and shared methodology , it also consider the final U–space CONOPS and feedback deriving from other projects.

During the implementation of this process, a stronger understanding of data items and services that are important for the drone operators and U–space stakeholders will be achieved.

This document is an extract of the deliverable D3.1 – Scenarios identification and requirement analysis produced by the DREAMS Consortium.

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